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I want to create and establish a strong online brand presence.

At DORP, we’ve done exactly that for our own successful brands. We will create your  communication and advertising channels, and nurture and grow them until you have an engaged community. Using live data  feedback, we can help you  optimise your website and your social media content.

We’ll also teach you how to keep engaging and keep growing your online audience.

I need to strengthen my existing brand presence online.

At DORP, we’ve assisted successful existing brands to create relevant content that stands out, engages, and grows their communities Through a combination of creative  paid and organic content, strategically shown to the right audience, in the right place, enough times, we can ensure your brand remains top of mind to your ideal customer.

The best story is a simple one.

Branding is best done when you simply tell your story.

Looking for advertising content for traditional and social media?

Our DORP team has many years of experience in radio, TV,  print, and digital advertising.We will not only create your content, but we will use our contact network to negotiate you the best possible rates and time slots at radio stations and TV channels.

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Brand Development

Brand development through research, ideation, design, concept testing, and brand bible creation.

Content Creation

Tailor-made content that makes your brand stand out on traditional marketing channels, and on social media.


•Digital Video

•Digital Stills



Content Distribution

Booking and negotiating scheduling and prices on traditional media channels.




Audience building and curation for organic and paid social media and digital campaigns.




•Community management


Public Relations

Our PR services will  ensure your product is placed on traditional and social platforms and gains maximum  exposure.





•Social Influencers

Live Reporting

Through live data reporting, we can tailor and adapt your digital campaigns and website content to reach the desired audience, more frequently.